Last Sunday Megan and I decided to head up north to escape the 105+ degree temps. After dropping the dog off at my parents house we headed north on the 17 towards Prescott.

We arrived there 90 minutes later and found a parking spot near down town Prescott and Whiskey Row. Walking towards the courthouse we heard several large explosions and what sounded like gunfire. A little startled we walked faster towards where the sound was coming from and was shocked to see a gunfight taking place right in the middle of Whiskey Row!

Shootout on Whiskey Row

After the show was was over we walked around downtown Prescott and did some window shopping in the antique and western stroes.

We had lunch at a little cafe just off of Whiskey Row and spent the afternoon watching more gunfight shows and enjoying the cool weather

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Yavapai County Court House

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