Friday Chris and I took a train ride to Florence! It was a fast train called a Eurostar and it only took us about an hour and a half to get there. Florence was a really pretty city. Much different from the other places we have been.

We got to stay in a five star hotel for one night! We were so stoked. It was a hotel that was voted one of the best in the world in 2004. Our room was pretty big. The bathroom was the size of a small bedroom you would have back home.

There was this one cathedral that we visited and we had to climb 460 stairs to get to the top of this massive building. It was insane. There were some scary paintings on the wall of good and evil. They showed things like people getting torchered by the devil and stuff. Not very cool.

We got to explore Boboli Gardens which was pretty. There was this statue of a fat, short, naked man sitting on top of a turtle.
It was funny because not only was it a short fat bald man on a turtle, but from the right angle it looked like he was peeing because the turtle shot water out of its mouth!

We are now in the airport di Roma and we are waiting for our plane to depart. We are sad to say goodbye to the beautiful country of Italy, but we are so glad that we get to come home and see our friends and family. Its been fun and we have lots more stories to tell so stay tuned! CIAO!

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