>Anytime the weather is cloudy and rainy, I always accociate it with Harry Potter. Is that weird?

Maybe :) but today is one of those days. I think the reason why I think of Harry Potter is because of the “feeling” you get when you watch the movies or read the books. Some parts are warm and cozy like a cold winters day and warm fireplace and other parts are dark and dreary with a heavy fog. Not to mention the longing to be at Hogwarts to experience the magic and adventure along side of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. (some who are reading this completely get what I’m talking about and others are just going to think I’m plain crazy!) With all that combined, a cloudy day here is a Harry Potter kind of day :)

Speaking of Harry Potter, I am re-reading the Half Blood Prince as I await the movie July 15th! I am so excited! The Brewer family and I will be in Colorado for a summer vacation trip when it comes out, so Trisha and I decided we would we see the midnight showing in Colorado whoo hoo!
It’s going to be so fun!

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