Hey everyone! We walked down to the beach today to check out the water. Guess what? Its hot! Its about the temp of a swimming pool back home!

We are going to a thai cultural show tonight after church and then headed out for a nice dinner

Yesterday we visited a few slums and passed out food and water to the people there. 3 women at one of the slums became Christians while we were there! We also got to pass out candy to the little kids and had a soccer match with them. Heheh they were alot better then us!

Everyone on the team is having a great time and our hosts here have been great! We have been experiencing new things and getting to know more about the Thai culture.

Yesterday we went to the outdoor market to shop and check out the food vendors. Trisha was feeling pretty brave and for 20 baht, which is about 60 cents she was able to order a bag full of fried silk worms!! I guess she thought she was on fear factor as she quickly tossed one into her mouth and ate it! Dont tell anyone but I think the rest of the bag is in her room someplace, I guess shes saving them for a snack on the way home? :)

The weather here has been pretty good, it has only rained 1 time and that was only for a few minutes. The rest of the time it has been sunny and warm

We’ll see everyone soon!

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