It’s Friday! and that means it’s time to show you my bathrooms with Kelly’s Show us where you live Fridays!
Okay, let’s get started!
First I’ll show you my guest bathroom. I’ve gotten mixed reviews for this bathroom, mainly from men…they just don’t understand the green, but to me it’s art and even if I’m the only one that gets it, it’s okay!

I love the beach/ocean theme with seashells and different things. It just feels so airy and breezy. I hope to add more underwater decor in the future ;)

Next up is our master bathroom! You’ll notice that the layout looks fairly similar to the guest bathroom. The main difference is that the toilet is in a seperate “room” than the rest of the bathroom and it’s a little bigger too.

I’m giving away that we aren’t finished painting our bathroom in this picture! now you know my secret ;) But don’t you just love this light green! I think it’s one of my favorite paint colors so far.

And those are our bathrooms! I am having so much fun with these show us where you live Fridays. I love looking at everyone’s amazing creativity and style. It’s very inspiring.
Thanks for stopping by!

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