>Last night I had the great opportunity, along with Tom and Debbie, to go over to our good friend’s Dan and Gail’s house and hang out with 3 amazing people. It was a young husband and wife with their precious 1 year old son who are from Sudan. The husband is a lost boy.

The lost boys are a group of more than 27,000 boys who were orphaned and displaced during the Second Sudanese Civil war from 1983-2005. They were orphaned when government troops attacked their villages. Most of the younger boys were out in the fields tending herds and were able to escape the massive amount of killings that took place. But that meant that their parents and other family members who were in the villages at the time, were killed. All alone without any parents, these boys made long and very dangerous journeys through jungles and valleys on foot, sometimes lasting years to get across boarders where they would be welcomed by refugee relief camps. It is at those camps that many of the boys were given the chance to come to America and receive an education. Their goal was to get that education here, and bring it back home to share with their people, in order to make their land a better place.

Charles and his wife came over to Dan and Gail’s house to share with us videos that he had made when he was back home for a visit. He wanted to show us what his village, people, and traditions were all about. It was amazing. It’s like..yeah you see the infomercials on TV about Africa and feeding the children and all of that and you try to see it as something real, but it’s hard because you know it’s TV. But being able to see it directly from a Sudanese in all it’s real life form and glory, was just out of this world! The dancing, singing, food, clothes, houses, farms, people…it just makes me stand in awe. I have a great desire to go to Africa someday, so this was a little taste of it for me.

Another video that we watched was one that Gail had in her collection and it was all about the Sudanese firsts trips to America. Can I just tell you that I fell in love with these people from this video! There were subtitles on the screen that told us what these young boys were saying to one another. They said some of the funniest things! One thing I have to point out is that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak, what color you are, etc… people are ALL the same.
We have the same worries, hopes, fears, humors, body language, friendship qualities, everything.

I’m trying to remember some of the things they said.
While they were still in their refugee camps, they were talking about going to America and one of the leaders said “Don’t wear the baggy pants like the black Americans wear and don’t do the bad things that some Americans do”
One of the boys said to another “What are you going to tell the White people when you see them” “I’m going to tell them about our lives and where we live”

“Don’t worry dad, I’m going to be fine. I won’t forget where I came from”
” When I think about going to America, and being alone without my family, my stomach feels sick and I can’t eat”

On the airplane to America, they didn’t understand the food they were given and one guy ate a whole packet of butter, just put it right into his mouth. It was really funny! But sad too because they didn’t know anything about American food. They thought a lot of it tasted weird.

One guy looked out his window in the plane and was like “I don’t like looking out there, it scares me. I don’t think I will look out anymore” ha! I can totally relate! I get scared in planes too sometimes.

Once they were in America..this was like their first week there..a group of the Sudanese boys where in an Apartment together and just having a great time talking and laughing and being boys and this is some of the stuff they were saying.

” You have to leave Sudan behind and be an American now”
” Boys can’t hold hands in America like we do at home because here you will be considered a homosexual”
” I don’t fit in here in America. I’m odd. People stare at me. I’m a darker black then the black Americans here”
Americans don’t play basketball with their heads, they play rough”
Americans eat food all day here. I’ve been eating all day long and I still have food left over. My stomach is going to blow up and I’m going to get fat” “You are getting fat already haha

I love these people! When they first came here, they didn’t know how to do the most simple of things like using a toilet, stove, microwave, walking across the street, going to the grocery store, using hygiene products…nothing. It was all brand new to them and it was so funny to watch them try to figure everything out.

I’m sad that we didn’t get pictures with Charles, his wife, and son. They are all 3 just gorgeous!
Their little son stole the show of the night. He is adorable and his skin was silky smooth. I couldn’t stop rubbing his arms and legs lol. He was so precious.
We had a great time.

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