>So I wasn’t going to do this post because…I get embarrassed about this kind of stuff, but I have nothing but time tonight and I’ve been thinking about this all day, so I decided…what the heck..isn’t this what blogs are for?

Yesterday was my good friend John and Jessica’s wedding. It was a great wedding and one that John has been waiting for pretty much his entire life. One of his life long dreams was to be married and have a family, so there was definitely an extra bit of excitement for him from everyone when his dream came true yesterday. He was united as one with his beautiful bride Jessica…who couldn’t be more perfect for him by the way :)

The wedding was beautiful and I had a lot of fun, but it also took me for a special trip down memory lane because a lot of our friends from the college group were there and I hadn’t seem many of them in a really long time.

I joined the college group at North Phoenix Baptist Church the summer of 2003. I was searching the internet for a new church where I could get involved and grow closer to the Lord. I desperately wanted to start a new chapter in my life. I prayed about it and came across the college group’s website for NPBC. This website is what drew me to try out this church because I thought it had a lot to offer and was what I was looking for.
I was totally alone on that first Sunday at NPBC, but was determined to make friends quickly. I didn’t know what to do when I first got there that morning, so I just went into the girls bathroom to try and figure out where to go and who to approach. That’s where I met my friend Jessi. I saw that she was college age so I was like “hey, do you attend this group that is right outside here?” And she was like “yeah” and I was like “do you mind if I sit with you? I’m new and I don’t know anyone” and she was like “yeah sure”.
And that is what started it all. She introduced to me to several of the people in the college group and they were all incredibly nice to me. They even invited me to some of the events they usually get together for, and I thought that was so cool! There was none of that awkwardness that is usually there when you first meet someone for the first time….at least not for me anyways. We just all instantly became good friends.
Before I knew it, I became apart of something big, something fun, something real, something that changed my life. All of a sudden I had a ton of new friends to hang out with and we all shared a common bond, worshiping Jesus. Having real Christian friends was new to me.
I’ve had some of the most meaningful and true worship experiences with these great people.
We did so many fun things together!
If I tried to show pictures of everything we did, this website would crash and burn from picture overload. So here a few pictures to give you a super tiny glimpse at some of our times together. There are a ton of good people missing from these pics, these are just the ones I had on my computer.

Man, those were some really great times. After John and Jessica’s wedding, I’ll admit it..I was sad…And am still sad at this very moment while typing this. I miss everyone so much. It’s crazy how many of us are all married and some even have kids. There is a part of me that wishes I could go back to the college group at NPBC and have everyone be there so we could just carry on like we did back in the day. God allows seasons in our lives to come and go, even though sometimes we think some of those seasons should stay around forever ha. I’m sad that there will most likely never be times like those again. That was a time that has come and… sadly gone. It’s really hard to put into words the experiences we shared. The only people who will probably ever understand what I’m talking about at all, are the ones who were involved in that great group of people.

Some of the great things that I can still cherish from those days are the long lasting friendships I made, which I hope will last a lifetime. I hope we’ll find the time to hang out more often.
And then of course, I met my wonderful husband there.

An ironic part to this story is that Chris created the very website that lead me to NPBC in the first place. God is so creative in the ways He brings people together.
The last thing I had on my mind when I attended the college group was finding a husband or even a boyfriend for that matter, but God had other plans for me…and really really great ones at that…the kind that only come from our magnificent Father.

Times they are a changing. At least we have our memories for when there are times like these when we just want to look back and surround ourselves in them..even for just a little while.

This post hardly conveys all that the college group was, how I feel about the people there, and how my life changed greatly from all my experiences, but it’s all that I could put out there for tonight.

NPBC college group, I miss you.

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