This week on Show Us Where you Live with Kelly, it’s all about the yards!
I decided to show our backyard because Chris puts so much time into every week to keep it up and looking nice for us and he does such a great job. So here are the pics!

The orange tree
Our other tree (forget what it’s called lol)

The Gazebo and hot tub

Another shot of it

My rosemary plant! I love it so much. I cook with it often and put it in all kinds of dishes.
It’s inspired me to want to start my own herb garden someday. It’s an awesome feeling to go in your backyard and cut off fresh herbs that you grew yourself.

The arch. The people who lived in our house before us had a statue of Mary under it….we are planning on putting a fountain there.

Pretty yellow flowers.

Pretty Kira girl..after just eating grass…weirdo


And that’s our backyard folks!

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