>This past Sunday, we celebrated Chris’ BIG 30! We originally weren’t going to throw Chris a party because our family vacation to Colorado next weekend is supposed to be for his birthday, but we decided it was important for Chris to celebrate his special day with his friends and other family members. AND because he really wanted a party lol.
So Debbie and I put our heads together and quickly came up with a party cool enough for a 30 year old ;) It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it.
Get ready for a picture extravaganza! I think I’m going to do 2 posts because there are a lot of pictures. This one is the party decor. The next one will be the party people!

I blew up some pictures of Chris from throughout his life. There are more throughout the house. They were a big hit!

Debbie and I made these jeep cookies by hand! We couldn’t find a jeep cookie cutter, so we did the next best thing, cut out the shape of a jeep out of cardboard and traced it on to the cookie dough. Then we took a knife and carved away at the dough until we got something that resembled a jeep..even if just a little bit lol.

This pic is hard to see, but it’s a Happy 30th Birthday banner

Some more of the blown up pictures of Chris

Food! Debbie and I made homemade lasagna for the main course. It was delicioso


The banquet room ;) which later became the dance party room haha. I’ll tell you all about it a little later .

More pictures to come a little later!

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