>I can’t believe how much junk I’ve eaten today! I feel so gross. It started with a cherry coke at the movies earlier today, which is a treat for me because I don’t allow myself to drink soda that much. Then I made a trip Taco Bell. Those delicious crunchy tacos were calling my name and I couldn’t resist…so I had 3 of them PLUS those yummy tortilla chips with cheese. Then I headed over to my parents house this evening where they forced me to eat a hamburger from In and Out and then made me finish it off with a chocolate shake. If all that wasn’t bad enough…I’ve been wanting to make homemade Indian fry bread for a while now and decided tonight was the perfect night to try it out. It was oooh so good dripping with honey and covered in powdered sugar. But now…I’m am paying for it big time! I think I’m going to have to work out for at least 3 hours to get rid of all the calories! I don’t know what was with me today. I just decided to throw all of my hard work of eating right out the window for a day and let myself have whatever my little heart desired. On second thought, this was a great day! lol. I think it’s okay to spoil ourselves once in a while ;0)

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