>I’m having so much fun creating handmade things to decorate Emma’s room with. It’s finally coming along and starting to look really cute…like an actual room! I don’t have a theme picked out. It’s more colors that I love.
Here is what’s going on in there so far:

This rug is my absolute FAVORITE item the room. Like it’s unhealthy how much I adore this rug.  I got it for Christmas and it’s from World Market.This rug is what brought about all my ideas for the room and the color palette is what I’m using to go off of for everything else.
Here is a banner that I made. It hangs above the window (as you can see)
Chris and I both loves animals so wanted to make sure to incorporate some of those.
These were both really fun and very easy to make.
It wouldn’t be our little girls room without some mod birds ;)
And last but not least, here are the letters that you see in just about every nursery ;)
So that’s what we have so far. There is much more to do. We need furniture, accessories, curtains, lighting, a window bench seat cover, pillows etc.
Did I mention how much fun I’m having?

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