>Today’s post is all about the bridal party and the ceremony! I’ll start with the bridal party first.

Here are my beautiful girls. Aren’t they just lovely?

Here they are again in black and white. Just beautiful

From left to right we have Trisha, my lovely sister-in-law, then we have Jeanine who is a dear friend of mine that I met at church about 6 years ago, my sister Amanda who was my maid of honor, which was very special to me because she is my best friend and we are really close. I got to be her maid of honor too. Next we have Jessica who is my cousin. We grew up together and I love her dearly. After that is Erin who doubles as a good friend and cousin-in-law. She’s a 2 for 1 ;) All these girls are very special to me and have played very important parts in my life.

I just love the color of their dresses. It’s a soft sage green, one of my favorite colors. My cousin Chrissy did all of our hair. She’s a hairstylist and she did such a great job. The colors of my wedding were greens and pinks. I was going for a light springtime feel. You’ll get to see more of that later in the reception post ;)

Here are the lovely men. Don’t they look sharp?

Included in the groomsmen are Michael, Chris’ best friend and best man, Matt who is Jeanine’s husband and also a great friend, Quinn, who is Erin’s husband and also a good friend and cousin-in-law..another 2 for 1 deal ;) , and then Mark and Will, my brothers. They’re twins you know ;)

The groupies

And I had to throw in a mussy one, just for fun!

Now to the ceremony.

Here we are! About to become husband and wife. What an amazingly special time.

Chris and I were married on March 25, 2006. We were married outside in the beautiful landscape and scenery of the Caleo Resort and Spa in Scottsdale. We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place for an outdoor wedding. It was perfect for us. My cousin David, who is married to Chrissy (the one that did our hair) is a preacher and is the one who married us. It was so fun to have different family members play important roles in our wedding. I am truly grateful for everything they did.

We had a string quartet play all of our wedding music. That was really special because Chris and I are both musicians and I wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. We were supposed to have a poem read at one point in the ceremony, but with all of the craziness that comes with putting a wedding together, we forgot to bring the poem! So we just sort of skipped over it lol. It all went very smoothly. It was so beautiful and so very special.

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