>It’s weird, I haven’t really had too much to blog about these last couple of weeks. Not much is going on right now. Just the normal things that happen everyday. Work, spend time with Chris, make dinner, watch TV or a movie, read a book, go for a walk…that kind of stuff.
School starts next week! I’m looking forward to that. I love school. I always say that if being a professional student was a job that paid money, I would be there.
Random note: I pulled out my Lion King soundtrack the other day to listen to while I cleaned, and I’ve become addicted to it! I play it all the time. I can’t get enough of it. That always happens to me. If I put on music that I really like, I will wear it out. It makes me want to play music in a symphony. I miss playing my french horn.
It’s so cool to see some of my friends from high school go on to become music teachers and have other jobs that are in the music business. I used to imagine myself playing music in a symphony as an older adult and being like really really good ha. Only in my dreams (unless I MAKE it a reality of course ;)

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