Our sweet baby Emma is a week old today!
Still brand new, but broken in at the same time :)

I can not believe how much my life has done a complete 180 in just 1 short week. It now revolves around diapers, laundry, bottles, pacifiers, breast pumping, spit up, and a whole lot of planning ahead. Time management has been crucial for staying on top of things around here. I love that I have something to do pretty much all day long. Even when I am resting while Emma is napping, that is still just another “something to do” in my day. I also love that each day brings something new and different.
This first week of Emma’s life has been filled with all kinds of ups and downs. The first 3 days were rough because everything was so new and a little scary. On top of that you’re trying to heal from just delivering a baby and that’s hard enough. But it didn’t take long for things to settle down and for Chris and I to really get the hang of things. We’re a great team and Chris has been so wonderful with everything.
We decided to breast feed Emma and supplement with formula only once in a while as needed. Can I just say that breast feeding is H-A-R-D. I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for what it’s actually all about. I almost threw in the towel after the third day, but just couldn’t picture taking away those important nutrients that are so good for Emma. So we are still working away at it and it gets better everyday. 
Right now, Emma is the spitting image of her daddy to me and pretty much everyone else ha. Although some have said they see me too (yay!) I love that she looks like Chris though seriously. It’s really fun. I’m working on getting baby pictures of both Chris and I scanned into the computer so we can do a good comparison. 

When Emma came home from the hospital, she had her days and nights mixed up, so she was up all night long and not just because she was hungry, but because that was just her awake time. and then she would sleep all day. 
So we have been working on completely changing her routine. We don’t let her have more than 2 1/2 to 3 hours naps at a time during the day. We physically wake her up, which is so hard for me to do because she is so peaceful when she sleeps, but I know its important to do. It’s actually working too because now she sleeps for 3 to 4 hours at a time at night, feeds, and then goes right back to sleep. It’s been SO nice. I’m so glad that we figured out how to change things around for her. I love seeing her baby blues wide open during the day time. 

We are so blessed with wonderful friends and family who have kept our kitchen very well stocked for us. We haven’t had to cook a single day we’ve been home from the hospital and it has been the best. It seriously took a big weight off my shoulders knowing that I didn’t have to cook for us and I could just concentrate on taking care of my family instead.

Kira, our dog has been staying with Chris’ parents while we adjust to things at home. We just brought her home for the first time yesterday and I was SO nervous. My dog has one of the most calm and sweet temperaments, but she is still a 100 pound dog and that’s intimidating! She ended up doing very well though. The only time she had any interest in Emma was when she was crying or when she had a dirty diaper haha! But other than that she really doesn’t pay much attention. Whew!

And that pretty much sums up the first week!

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