I’m a list writer. I think its fun! It also helps me feel less stressed to see it all laid out. It’s one of the ways I organize  my life I think.

Here is my current list of things to do:

1. Study for and pass my Life and Health Insurance Exam tomorrow. eeep!
2. Scrub my house from top to bottom. Every room, every corner. (like that’s going to happen anytime soon ha.)
3. Start my workout DVD for real this time.
4. Find some new treasures for my home.
5. Find somewhere to go for Chris’ birthday weekend in just 9 short days!
6. Get prepared for my new job resonsibilities coming up.
7. Find a new book to read. Any suggestions?
8. Get back on track with reading the whole bible in 1 year. I am determined.
9. Continue searching for lots of great new healthy recipes
10. Finally print out some pictures and fill the many picture frames I have.
11. Have fun. Lots and lots of fun!!!

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