>What do you do when it’s 112 degrees in Arizona and you don’t have a swimming pool?

You improvise!
Chris set up a homemade slip n slide in our backyard on Sunday for us our nephew Drake to play on.
He’s been talking about doing it for weeks.
What can I say, the man likes to have fun!
Except Drake refused to do it! He was too scared. He’s never seen one or been on one before, but he really loved spraying all of us with the hose.
Here I am in action. You didn’t think I could pass up a chance to slip n slide did you? I could never!
It brought my sister and I back to our childhood summers in Washington state. Those were some good times. Definitely not as hot!
My sister gettin down with the slide.
We had a lot of fun, but man I was wiped out afterwards! Something I also miss from my childhood…all that little kid energy!

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