Welcome to the 9th Week of my post pregnancy, eat clean lifestyle journey!

Here are the stats:

Beginning weight: 150

Pounds lost this week: 1

Total lost so far: 17

Weight today: 133
Goal Weight: 115
The scale couldn’t decide if it wanted me to be 132lb or 133lb..it kept switching back and forth today, but I’ll go with 133 for now.
I am so close to being on the other side of 130lbs…I can almost reach out and touch it!
Good news is I am back in a weight range that I’ve been in before, so its not a foreign weight anymore…like say 150lbs!
My poor short people frame.
So I’m thinking that after Emma is done with breast feeding, I’m going to really need to cut back more on the sugar.
Even though I’m eating as natural and healthy as possible, I am still finding myself buying things like “all natural oragnic ice cream” and “homemade natural carrot cake”. Although they might be better versions of the typically processed and higher fat versions, they still contain their own amounts of sugar.
It’s like trying to “cheat” in way.
Right now, breast feeding is helping a lot to burn off some of the extra calories, so I’m still losing weight even though I’m having dessert every now and then, but after I’m finished, I’m really going to need to cut back so that I can continue to get back down to a healthy weight.
Don’t get me wrong, there is still nothing wrong with a treat every now and then. You don’t want to cut yourself off completely because that’s when you’re most likely to go crazy and induldge.
But for this to be a lifestyle change, I gotta stop thinking that some kind of dessert is supposed to follow after dinner.
That’s all the insight I have for today :)
Happy Friday!

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