>We’ve all probably heard a time or 10 that we need to drink more water. It’s good for our bodies and helps keep us hydrated and healthy.

I decided to to a little research into the benefits of drinking water as it relates to weight loss.
As it turns out, water seems to be the “magic weight loss mineral”.
I’m finding that most of us are carrying around that little bit of extra weight simply because we’re not drinking enough water!
Can it really be that simple??
Many people try out the 8, 8oz glasses of water per day, but end up stopping after  the first few days because they end up running to the bathroom way too much! After all, they’re drinking way more water than they’re used to.
But what is really happening here is the body is flushing itself of the water that our body has been storing up throughout all those years of “survival mode” that we’ve forced our bodies into.
As you continue to give your body all of the water it wants, it gets rid of the water that has been stored up that your body doesn’t need.
So you know all of that extra water your body has been storing in your ankles, hips, thighs, belly and bottom? That’s all going to be flushed out. How cool is that?
Your body will start trusting that the water is going to keep coming and learns that it doesn’t need to store up water in different places throughout your body.
So if you keep the water coming, the flushing (and going to the bathroom constantly) will eventually stop and you will return to normal. This is called the “breakthrough” point.
Then comes the lighter and brighter you!
Because not only is water good for the health of your body, it’s also good for the health of your skin too. Drinking enough water will hydrate your skin giving you that beautiful, youthful glow that we all aspire to have.
Drinking more water is also found to decrease your appetite, which in turn decreases the amount of food consumption and that will help keep off a lot of those unwanted pounds.
So drink up my friends!
**It’s important not to drink all of your days worth of water at one time. It’s best to spread it out throughout your day.**

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