We had Emma’s 4 month check-up today. It went really well. She got another set of shots and only cried a little and then she was good. 
She is now 25 1/2 inches long and weighs 13 pounds. She is growing so fast.
Emma is cutting her first tooth. It makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. I’m so excited for this little milestone, but so sad that she is growing up.
We got the go ahead to start rice cereal! It was actually the doctor who suggested it after I told her of Emma’s eating habits lately. Even if we didn’t get the go ahead, we probably would have started anyways because Emma is eating like a horse! I can’t ever give her enough food! She also stares at our food when we eat like she wants a bite too ha.
So that is really exciting. I think we might try the cereal tomorrow and see how it goes.But I have to say that we are in no hurry to start full on solids with her.
We’ll try the cereal for a couple weeks and then we may gradually add some first foods here and there. It’s really up to Emma.

We’re also going to go to Baby’s R US today to get the BUMBO! I’m really excited to see Emma sitting up like a big girl in her little seat.

Tomorrow I am going to try to convince Chris that it’s time for Emma to go in the nursery at church. We’ve always taken her to the “overflow room” but the last 2 Sundays Emma has had little fits and I’ve had to leave and go walk around with her, so I feel like I’m really missing out on the service. We’ll see what happens :)

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