Welcome to the 14th week of my post pregnancy, eat clean lifestyle journey!

Here are the stats:

Beginning weight: 150
Pounds lost this week: 1
Total lost so far: 25!
Weight today:125

Goal Weight: 115
Life is good, but incredibly busy. I didn’t have time to do this post on Friday or Saturday.
When I weighed myself on Friday, I was 124lbs, but then I weighed myself today and I was 125lbs so I didn’t feel right posting 124. 
I’m finally starting to actually feel thinner and my friends and family are noticing too, which is a great feeling.
 This journey has really become a part of my life. I am much more conscious of the foods I put into my mouth now.  I no longer just grab whatever food is around because it’s convenient. Instead I actually take the time to think about what I’m eating. I try to think about what effect its going to have on my body and if it’s going to provide me with good nutrients my body needs. I wish that I could have grasped these concepts sooner in life because they just make so much sense now.
But there’s no looking back. Just forward into this new healthier life.

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