Welcome to the 17th week of my post pregnancy, eat clean lifestyle journey!
Here are the stats:
Beginning weight: 150

Pounds lost this week: 0

Total lost so far: 28!

Weight today:122
Sadly, no weight loss to report  today. My weight stayed exactly the same this week. This is the 3rd time in my weight loss journey that I’ve hit a weight loss “roadblock” where nothing changes….neither up or down.
I didn’t do anything differently this past week, I just think our bodies get to certain points along the way, where it needs to adjust or something and then it continues on once it’s done that. So hopefully my body will continue to burn fat next week and I’ll lose again.
Almost to my weight loss goal! 
Next week should be fine, but the week after that my family and I are going on a business trip to Indiana for my work. I hear they really pack in the food for you there. 
This will be the true test to see if I am truly committed to a clean and healthy eating lifestyle. 
I am SO excited for this trip! We’ll get a little vacation time in there too.
I’ll do a post about that once we get back.

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