>Emma pulled herself into a standing position by herself for the first time last night by holding on to the couch. Chris and I just watched on in astonishment. Our little girl is changing, growing, and learning. 

She claps her hands now too. She loves to clap her hands whenever we say “yaaaay Emma”. It’s the cutest thing to watch.
She also shakes her head “no” a lot too. It’s funny to watch her shake her head ”no” at the silliest of times.
Like we’ll say “Emma, you’re pretty” and she will shake her head “no”. Too funny. Although I know that when she does catch on to the real meaning of the word…we might not find it to be so cute ;)

Emma is getting really good with copying our sounds. She says baba, dada, momma, whoa, wow, and ouch.

She loves to figure things out and is very interested in anything that is new that she hasn’t seen before.

We think Emma might skip the crawling phase. She is so good at rolling and doing 180 and 360 turns to get wherever she needs to go, that she just doesn’t seem interested in learning to crawl. She does crawl backwards though, which is really funny and she will get up on all fours a lot and just rock back and forth. But her favorite thing to do is to stand. Her little legs are getting so strong and as long as she is holding on to
something, she can stand for very long periods of time.

The first few months of taking care of baby can be really difficult, especially if you are brand new at it like Chris and I.  But things really do get a whole lot easier as time goes on.  At 8 months, Emma is so fun to hang out with. She is a real character. Being her mom is one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences I have ever had. I’m really coming into my own as a mom and it’s just been the greatest journey. I can’t wait to see what the new few months bring.

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