>Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred complete. Another good workout today. It was a tiny bit easier than day 1, but really, just a tiny bit. It’s a tough workout! The slight soreness in my legs and arms is kind of cool. Haven’t felt that sensation in many moons.

Yesterday was a rest day for me, and the craziest thing happened. I felt like I had caught the flu over night.  I was SUPER sore from the workout that I did the day before and then I had fever,chills and nausea like symptoms. This is so unusual for me. So I did some research. I found that sometimes when you exercise vigorously for the first time after not working out in a long time (or ever), your body can kind of freak out. It tries to get rid of toxins, but doesn’t know how to process them because the body isn’t acustomed to trying to get rid of ”those kinds of toxins” on a regular basis. So while your body is working at getting rid of the toxins, this can bring on flu-like symptoms. I’m not sure if this is what happened to me or not, but the symptoms lasted less than 8 hours. So it kind sounds right to me. I almost left work, but thankfully tylenol did the trick.
Who knew that trying to do something good for your body can sometimes leave you feeling a little on the sick side. Not cool. But it wasn’t going to stop me from continuing on!

So far I feel really good about getting up early (5:30am) and getting the excises in there before the rest of my day starts. It’s kind of “freeing” in a way. I’m still feeling motivated and just really hope it lasts. Posting it on here should hopefully keep me accountable.

**For breakfast, I had hot oatmeal with blueberries and a sprinkle of granola.
**For lunch, I’ll have a small portion of roast from the slow cooker and a small sweet potato
**For a snack, I have a large apple and a banana
P.S. I never know what I’m going to have for dinner until dinner time! ah!

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