Chris and I have done a lot of really fun and great things in the past for Valentines Day. I can remember the first Valentine’s Day we spent together, Chris planned an amazing adventure for us. It was 02/14/2004. We drove out to Williams, Arizona to board a train that took us on a romantic ride to the Grand Canyon. It was the perfect day. Cold, cloudy, and there were patches of snow all along the side of the train tracks as we made our way to that beautiful big hole in the ground. What was even more special was that it was my very first visit to the Grand Canyon ever! After living in Arizona for 10 years, it was about time : ) We hiked around, looked at the sites, ate a cozy meal, and sipped hot chocolate. I can remember not wanting that day to end. Chris and I had only been dating for about 3 months at that time, and I can also remember from that day forward, I decided I wanted to be by that man’s side for the rest of my life. God is good.

This Valentine’s Day was a little bit different from our grand adventures before children, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. You see, at first I was a little bit disappointed that we weren’t going to do anything super special for Valentines Day. Things just didn’t work out to where Chris and I could go out, but the day still ended up being special. Chris spent the whole day preparing a great meal. He smoked salmon, which is a very long process, and we also had baked asparagus and grilled french bread, To top everything off, Chris created a dessert that we had on our honeymoon in Italy. It’s called Scropino. It’s a blended drink dessert made of lemon sorbet, lemoncello, and prosecco. It was delicious and brought about all kinds of memories from that very special trip. I know, am I a lucky girl or what? He never ceases to amaze me because he is amazing.

Chris set the table with our china, wine glasses, and candles. We dimmed the lights, had a lovely musical soundtrack playing, little Emma sitting next to us in her high chair, and our dog Kira nestled underneat the table at our feet. As I sat there eating a meal prepared just for me, all I could think about was how incredibly  blessed I was. I had everything I could possibly need or want right there with me. It was beautiful.

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