>It feels like Emma was only 9 months old for just a few days, that’s how fast this past month had flown by!
And now here she is, 10 months old already.

At 10 months, Emma is:

~ Cruising along the furniture
~ Getting into everything she can possibly get her hands on

~ She is so curious about everything

~ She loves to pull mom’s hair. The louder I say “ouch” the louder she squeals in delight…little monkey.

~ She figured out how to blow into toys that make noise. We just bought her a baby hermonica, kazoo, and recorder. I can’t wait until they come in the mail so we can see what she does with them.

~ Emma loves when we go on walks. Whether it’s walks outside, walks around stores, walks pretty much anywhere, she loves to see new things.

Emma’s first time playing at the mall

~ Emma has taken on some weird sleeping positions. Lately, it’s face down and butt in the air. It’s so funny looking, but so cute.

~ Emma knows when you’re joking around and playing with her because she does it right back. We crack up at each other all the time. It’s like we have these little inside jokes or something. It’s awesome.

~ She loves her bath time. She likes to splash, play with her toys, and tries to drink the bath water (gross)

~ Emma has developed a personality all her own and it’s been so fun watching her become this little person.

We love her so much. We are cherishing this time right now, but so excited for all the things to come.
Happy 10 months Emma!

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