>SometimeS, you just have to make a list. Today’s list features Spring cleaning to-dos.

1. Wash all the baseboards
2. Organize hall closet and get rid of old/unused items
3. Clean and organize spare bedroom (a huge task all on its own)
4. Wash all of the windows on the inside and outside of the house. I don’t think this has been done in the 5 years we’ve lived in our home. Don’t judge me, I’m a busy woman ; )
5.  Dust on top of all wall ledges. This might sound weird, but we have all these high “ledges” that you can put decorations on top of. There are some major dust bunnies up there!
6. Clean underneath the bed. More dust bunnies…aaaah
7. Organize bathroom cabinets
8. Finsh painting the master bathroom. We started painting it before I became pregnant and never finished it…nice : )
9. Dust and whipe down blindes
10. Touch up some of the paint in the house where it has been chipped or marked up.
11. Find the time to do even just one of these tasks!

Do I have my work cut out for me or what! Happy Spring Cleaning folks!

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