>Exactly 1 year ago, on this day, and at this time, I began the journey for the arrival of our very first and very precious little baby.

At this time, 1 year ago, Chris and I were walking around Border’s bookstore when my first contractions started. It was the most intense pain and pressure I had ever felt in my life. Little did I know that it was going to get much worse. I can remember it all so clearly. It doesn’t even seem like it was that long ago. I can still taste the orange creamsicle drink that I ordered from the coffee bar and that I sipped on as I walked around. I can remember that it was the most delicious drink ever. I wonder if that drink is back in season. I’m gonna find out!

13 hours after those first contractions, God gave us our 7 pound, 1 ounce baby girl.

Man, how time has flown, and yet stood still all at the same time. I can remember those very first few weeks of life with Emma and how tough they were. The lack of sleep, feeling like you’re in someone else’s body because it doesn’t look or feel the same, the overall adjustement period, change of pace, change of life, pressure to do things this way or that.  It all felt so overwhelming. There were some parts of early motherhood that came naturally and other parts that I felt completely lost in. There is so much more to learn.

But it was all worth it, because among the times of trial, there were many moments of complete bliss, joy, love, admiration, and blessing and I hope to do it all again someday.

Who knew that our little girl would go from such a  little peanut to such a big girl in just 1 year. (Ok, probably everyone, but still)

She has changed so much! 
Here is our family 1 year ago and what our family is today

We’ve changed a little too : )

I can’t wait for many more years and birthdays to come with our Emma Grace. Happy Birthday sweet girl! 

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