>I have no idea what got into me this weekend, but I was one big ball of energy! I tackled more projects and got more cleaning done this past weekend than I have in the last six months. No joke!

This weekend I…

1. Rearranged most of the furniture in my living room. I needed a new look.

2. Created several brand new pieces of artwork just by using what I had around the house and by repainting things. I have no pictures to prove this, but I promise I did it :) Once I get started, I have a hard time slowing down to take pictures.

3. Created a huge collage of pictures and other random things that I found around the house, including some of those re-purposed pieces of art, to fill up a big empty space on the wall.

4. Dusted all of the furniture

5. Vacuumed all the floors

6. Got rid of a massive amount of clutter.

7. Washed a few loads of laundry, but only folded the towels and put those away so far ; )

8. Kept the kitchen clean the entire weekend, which meant a lot of time washing and loading the dish washer throughout the day. Normal people probably do this already, but I never said I was normal.

9. Untangled the insane amount of computer wires behind the desk and finally zipped tied them together to create some form of organization.

10. Took all of the books out of our massive bookcase, moved the bookcase and then put all the books back in. That was a big feat in itself.

11. Moved around most of my existing artwork to different spaces in the house until I found a way where everything just ”flowed” better together.

12. Just kept picking up “stuff” all weekend long to put it back in its place. Again, probably something that normal people already do.

I think a little bit of my OCD came out of hiding this weekend. It’s been staying pretty quiet, but it might be back!

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