>And there is no way I would miss this opportunity to write it down to remember in the years to come : )

This Mother’s Day was so wonderful. On Friday, Chris Emma surprised me by sending some beautiful flowers to my work. They’re pictured in the post below this one. They are so pretty! Thank you baby girl!

On Saturday, the air conditioning in our house broke, so Chris had to stay home from work to fix it. This was more of a blessing than it was a ”curse”  because it meant that Chris was home with us on a Saturday. While we waited for Chris’ friend to get off work to come over and help fix the AC, we took Emma over to her grandparents house to play for a little bit and Chris took me to Abuelo’s for lunch for Mother’s Day. It was so delicious. My favorite part was the frozen sangria/margarita mixed drink. Now if only I had a beach to go along with it, I would be set!

But it was the best having Chris home.  The AC was an easy fix and we are so thankful that even while it was broken, it never got below 78 degrees in the house. Thank you Jesus!
We spent Saturday evening out and about shopping and hanging out as a family. Pretty much the best in my book.

I was supposed to spend Saturday hanging out with my mom for her Mother’s Day, but unfortunately she came down with some kind of virus and didn’t feel well enough to do anything, so we will do something another day soon.

Sunday morning we met up with Chris’ family to have breakfast for Trisha’s Mother’s Day, because she had to work later in the day when we all were going to get together again for a Mother’s Day dinner. We then went to church and heard a great message on marriage. We’re doing a series on Marriage and Family and it’s one of my favorite topics, so I highly enjoyed that : )

May your fountain be blessed and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth” Proverbs 5:18

“However, each one of you must also love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must repect her husband” Ephesians 5:33

We came home from church and Chris spent the rest of the afternoon preparing lasagna, bread sticks, and a berry cobbler all from scratch. It was incredible. He found the recipe for Olive Garden’s bread sticks and prepared them straight from bread flour and yeast, letting it rise, shaping them, letting them rise again, baking them, etc. I’m pretty lucky to have a husband that loves to cook. We took it all over to Chris’ parents house to enjoy with his mom and family. The lasagna was the best I have ever tasted and the cobbler did not disappoint. Thank you Chris!

This was my second Mother’s Day as a momma. I love being a mom. It is my favorite thing. Children are gifts from the Lord and being a mom is such a privilege. I truly felt spoiled and lucky and blessed all rolled into one. What a great Mother’s Day!

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