>We had a very busy, but fun weekend. On Saturday, Emma and I made a long trek out to Gilbert for my cousin’s graduation party. She graduated from ASU on Friday, and I am SO very proud of her.

I was nervous about driving to Gilbert by myself because Emma isn’t the easiest to take in the car these days. She gets bored very easily and will let us know it, but she did really well during the ride out to Gilbert. I kept her busy with a few different toys and books, and that seemed to keep her happy. The ride home was easy because it was her nap time and she slept the whole way home. Very thankful for that.

Sunday was a very special day. My family and I drove out to Fountain Hills to visit the church where my cousin David preaches at. I grew up attending his church, even with such a long drive, but those were very special and crucial times in my young life. It’s were I learned about and accepted Jesus into my life and where my faith as a young child grew. I have a lot of meaningful memories from there.
It was so great to go back for a visit and to see my family who lives out there.

But the very special reason why we drove out to Fountain Hills to my cousin’s church was because my sister was getting baptised! Oh happy day! Unfortunatley, I don’t have access yet to the pictures that were taken of this happy event.
But the joy that poured out of my soul for this moment is inexpressible.
My sister went through some hard life lessons in our younger years and my biggest prayer during that time was that my sister would turn her life to Christ and to live for Him alone. She did turn her life around and we’ve become best friends in the process. We kinda used to not like each other growing up and we may have fought…alot, ha! She’s been going to CCV with me for a few years now and has been living for Jesus, but to watch my sister heed the call of God and get baptised…again, I have no words. I love my sister with my whole heart! Just another example of how God answers prayer. Amanda was chosen by God to live for Him, and that is exactly what she is doing.

After church, baptism, and lunch, we went to Yogurtology for some frozen yogurt! My friend has been telling me to try this place out for a while now because she is obsessed with it!  She’ll be happy to hear that I finally tried it and definitely loved it. I’ve tried a few other self serve yogurt places, and this one so far has been the best.

Sunday evening we brought some food over to my inlaws house and played a card game and just relaxed. Overall it was a pretty great weekend!

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